Shannon Kaltenbach, LMT

Balance your body.

Balance your mind.

And Bloom.


What it’s all about

Located inside of TINT Salon, I bring over 15 years of building my intuitive skills and techniques into my clients’ treatments for the customized massage that unwinds, untwists and smooths out those inner wrinkles. Being able to blend my multiple modalities together with a touch of intuition helps to bring my clients to a physically and mentally balanced state.

While the majority of my massages are more focused on slow therapeutic/deep tissue work, I find it important to bring a moment of gentle touch to every session. It is important for the body and mind to let down its wall. Otherwise there will be no lasting effect of the massage. I am currently taking continuing education for Cranio-Sacral massage and feel it complements my style of massage even if there are only a few quiet moments of it added to a vigorous therapeutic treatment. Other modalities I offer are prenatal, cupping and Swedish.

Whether it is to soothe those achy muscles and joints from pregnancy or recovering from an auto accident, there is comfort found on this massage table and under my hands.

About the therapist

Born and raised in Portland Oregon, I studied massage for 2 years at East West College of the Healing Arts and have been practicing since 2003. When I am not working I am busying myself with my two children and husband. I can often be found starting unnecessary projects around the house and rediscovering the city I grew up in through food and mini hikes.

With the belief that the body ultimately wants to be in a balanced state, I prefer to think of myself as an assistant to putting your body on the right path rather than being a healer.

You are the healer of your own self.