What is your Cancellation policy?

Things happen, I get it. I fall into that situation often myself with children and pets. I prefer having 24 hour notice so I have a better chance of filling the open spot. But when you wake up with that headache and cough with your appointment starting in 2 hours, I’d much rather you let me know you’re sick and cannot come in instead of putting others at risk of getting sick or making yourself feel worse. Two things to take from this: don’t make it a habit and give me a heads up if at all possible!

Does my insurance cover massage?

Massage is growing in popularity for health insurance companies to provide at a low cost, usually just a co-pay. If you have health insurance it is worth a shot to check it out. It’s important for you to understand your insurance coverage but if you are unsure I can check for you. Coverage is not guaranteed and full payment is expected at time of service if it has not been verified prior to your visit.

I was in a car accident. How Do I start receiving treatments?

Most auto accidents require a referral from an MD or chiropractor for massage. Often the visits are as frequent as once a week for a couple months and are fully covered so you can focus on getting better. All that needs to be brought to me is your referral (if required), your insurance information including claim number, the date of your accident, and you!

HOW DO I MAKE MASSAGE A REGULAR part of my lifestyle?

It is important to take care of yourself. With that said, it can also get spendy. There are many different options provided to try and make massage a bit more obtainable on a regular basis. If you do not have health insurance coverage there are other discounted options.

-Memberships | This is a great alternative for the regular visitor. It is an automatic deduction on the first of every month for a discounted price. Prices starting at just $55 for one 60 minute massage, your treatment is prepaid and waiting for you! No startup or cancellation fees. All you need to do is schedule an appointment and the information needed can be quickly taken care of at your visit. Be sure to have the card you’d prefer for the monthly payments with you at time of appointment.

-Packages | A minimum of three massages can be bought as a package either as a gift or for yourself. They start at $180 for three 60 minute massage saving you $10 per massage in the package and can be used at any time. These can be purchased at the time of your service or on the Gift Certificates page.